Clean Marina Program

Missouri Clean Marina Program

Rock Lane Marina will be flying the “Missouri Clean Marina” Flag in support of keeping Table Rock Lake Clean. The Missouri Clean Marina program is a voluntary plan that encourages marinas to keep oil, gasoline and runoff pollution from reaching Table Rock Lake. The program also aims to educate recreational boaters about practices they can adopt to keep pollution such as fuel spills and leaking engine oil from getting into the lake. This program, administered by Ozarks Water Watch and the Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition, is piloted on Table Rock Lake and hopefully will be expanded throughout Missouri.

Missouri Clean Marina Logo

Missouri Clean Marina Logo

The program recognizes marinas with an official designated status for being good stewards of the environment and taking steps to protect water quality. Ronna Haxby, projects manager with Ozarks Water Watch, congratulated the staff for qualifying the marina for designation. Rock Lane Marina has incorporated environmental Best Management Practices and completed an Emergency Response Plan. They posted signage encouraging safe environmental practices, promote recycling, and have implemented environmentally friendly policies. Haxby presented the “Clean Marina Designation” certificates, a flag with the Clean Marina logo, and signage for docks and rental boats.

“We are happy to be certified as a “Clean Marina,” said Jim Heckman, Owner of Rock Lane Marina. “The facilities and procedures were thoroughly evaluated. The Marina staff encourages environmentally safe operating practices.” “Visitors are always commenting on how much clearer Table Rock Lake compared to other lakes they have been to. We”re committed to keeping it that way.”

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