Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I recently moved, where can I submit my change of address?
To complete our change address, phone number, or e-mail online; please call our Owner Services department at 417-338-2211.

2.) When can I expect my annual maintenance fee statement?
Regular association dues are billed annually in October and are due payable by January per your ABC Policy. A statement is mailed to you as a courtesy; non-receipt of a statement does not relieve you of your financial obligation. Check and cash payments are encouraged to help keep association expenses down.

3.) How can I pay my annual maintenance fees?
Check payments can be sent through the mail with your receipt to the address below. Credit card payments can be made by calling your Owner Services department at 877-861-9826.

Maintenance Fee Payments
Rocklane Homeowners Association dba Branson Yacht Club
611 Rock Lane
Branson, MO 65616

4.) If I have questions concerning my payments, who do I call?
Please contact our Accounts Receivable Department at 417-338-2211

5.) Why did my maintenance fees go up?
Maintenance Fee amounts are based on a budget. The amounts are approved by the Board of Directors for Branson Yacht Club. Maintenance fees may increase or decrease per year depending on the needs of the resort itself.

6.) I cannot use my week at Branson Yacht Club this year, what are my options?

  • Send a guest in your place for your week at Branson Yacht Club
  • Deposit your week with RCI

7.) When can I book my reservations at Branson Yacht Club?
You may book owner use time reservations 12 months in advance to the day or less. Please note that your maintenance fees must be paid in full for the year that you are booking. White Season owners can book reservations for weeks 1-10. Red Season owners can book weeks 11-52.

8.) What check-in days are available at Branson Yacht Club?
Seven night stays must start on a Saturday.

9.) Can I use only part of my week?
You may reserve a 3 or 4 night stay to Branson Yacht Club using your owner week. Only one stay may include a Saturday night. You will be charged a $59.00 fee at the time you book the second part of your split week. Reservations must not cross over Saturday. Please note that you must use all nights within the calendar year.

10.) Can I make additional reservations to Branson Yacht if I have already used my week?
Nightly and weekly rentals are available through Owner Services at 417-338-2211.

11.) Can a guest use my unit?
Yes, a guest can use your unit. Contact Owner Services at 417-338-2211 with your guests name and general information. There is no fee to add a guest name to your reservation.

12.) I’m bringing my family this year, can I upgrade my unit size?
Unit upgrades can be booked 45 days or less in advance of arrival. There is a fee to upgrade from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom.

13.) I never received a confirmation, where do I get one?
You may request a confirmation by calling the Owner Services Department at 417-338-2211.

14.) Can I make my owner use time reservations online?
Use time reservations may be made by calling the Owner Services Department at 417-338-2211. In the very near future, reservations will be made online.

15.) Why did RCI deny my deposit?
In order to deposit your week with an outside exchange company you must book a week at Branson Yacht Club. Your maintenance fees for the year also must be paid in full. Please check with the Owner Services Department at 417-338-2211.