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Table Rock Lake Fishing Report May 23, 2013

White Bass from Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake Fishing is on.

A nice catch of Smallmouth Bass

Fishing is hot on Table Rock Lake


With the holiday weekend upon us, Table Rock Lake Fishing is very good. The water temperature is hanging around 70 degrees and the lake level is up a foot and a half. We have a full moon approaching and another wave of spawning fish have moved up. This wave of spawners is not as big as the last but I have noticed more Smallmouth Bass on nests than Largemouth or Kentuckies. Fish can be caught on just about anything you like to throw as long as the conditions warrant. If you have wind a lot of the power baits will produce but if it’s sunny and calm you have to downsize and work a little deeper unless you are targeting the spawners. This week we have caught fish on topwater baits, crankbaits, shakey heads, carolina rigs, jigs and spinnerbaits.
The White Bass have even showed for the holiday weekend. They can show up anytime and anywhere. We have caught them on topwater when they surface and with white grubs when they are down. We have seen them in mainlake pockets, points and out in the middle so have something ready because you just never know when they will show up.
As always on a holiday weekend, get out early because the boat traffic will chase you off the lake by noon. Everyone have a safe and fun weekend.

Till’ next time Good Fishin’


Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 4/26/2013

A nice Table Rock Lake Smallmouth

The fish are biting on Table Rock Lake

 A beautiful 4 pound Largemouth Bass

Fishing is good on Table Rock Lake

This has been a crazy Spring on Table Rock Lake. The water temperature is in the mid to upper 50s and the lake level is a few inches above normal. We should be nearing a full out post spawn bite but a lot of the fish are just moving in to spawn. Hopefully the air temperature will stablize and these fish can get back on schedule. The fishing is about as good as it gets on Table Rock Lake. The fish are up shallow and you can catch them on a variety of baits. The water is as clear as it was in the 80s. You can see the bottom in 20 to 25 feet of water so you want to stay back as far as you can and make long casts. We are catching them on Shakey heads, Grubs, Jerkbaits. Crankbaits, Tubes, Carolina rigged Centepedes, Jigs, and Texas rigged Lizards. The depth seems to change for the weather conditions. One day you will catch them 12 to 18 feet deep while others you’ll catch them 15 to 25 feet deep. If the wind is blowing you can even catch them up on the banks.

We have also been catching some White Bass and Crappie in the backs of some of the major creeks on Jerkbaits. No report on the Big Bluegill as of now.
As always during spawning season, try to let the females go so they can spawn and only keep the males if your looking for a fish fry.
If your interested in getting in on some good Table Rock Lake Fishing, just give me a call to set up a guided fishing trip.

Till next time Good Fishin’